Lyn Cameron-Star


Aromatherapist (Advanced Diploma)          


Aromatherapist - Essential Oil Specialist


Kinesiologist DIPAK ASK                                                                 


Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing


Animal Therapies AEOS


Bach Flower Therapist


City and Guilds Dipolma in Adult Education

(qualified to teach)


Reiki Healer



The Name 'Spark of Life' comes from Sparky the pony.


After her background in auxilary nursing and animal rescue, Lyn became interested in complementary therapies and how they can aid the body's recovery.


The real turning point in Lyn's career was the arrival of Sparky - a rescued pony - who when he arrived at Lyn's was incredibly thin, arthritic and had gut, lung and kidney damage.

The vet said Sparky wouldn't recover, but Lyn knew she had to try. After paying for him to have accupunture, chiropractic treatment and herbal pills and potions, Sparky made an amazing recovery and Lyn was inspired to train in complementary therapies for animals.


She was one of the first people to train and gain an Animal Aromatherapy Diploma with Caroline Ingraham.


Lyn called her animal therapies business Spark of Life as a tribute to a beautiful and rather special pony who was saved by complimentary therapy.


Lyn has lived in various places around the UK, finally settling in Lincolnshire in 1978. Always interested in caring for others, Lyn worked in nursing for several years before working in animal rescue full time. Lyn has worked with a wide range of animals, completing her first qualification in complementary therapies for animals in 1998, after seeing the remarkable effects complimentary therapies can have. Since then Lyn has trained and qualified in many more therapies for animals. 


"I have been using Essential Oils, Flower Remedies and Kinesiology for many years on people and animals. I am fully trained, experienced and qualified to a high standard in all of the complementary therapies I offer.


I love animals with a passion and they form a very important part of my life, so you can be sure that your pet's health will always be very important to me. Over the years I have experienced some wonderful results and I believe, some miracles."