Established in 1998, Spark of Life offers a variety of complimentary therapies for animals. The therapies available are powerful, safe and natural treatments that can help many illnesses and ailments - more infomation can be found about

the individual therapies on the 'Treatments' page.


All animals are welcome.


Conditions that can see great improvement include: skin conditions, arthritis, respiratory disorders, behavioural problems and emotional problems.

A holistic way to improving your animal's health and happiness.

Available Treatments



"After years of experience working in health and care, I was amazed at how well some people responded to complimentary therapies. It inspired me to train

and qualify in the therapies I felt I had seen the best results. 

I also found that I really wanted to use those skills for all animals as they

form a very important part in my life. I was one of the first people to train in the UK to qualify in my chosen therapies, not only for people but for all animals.

Any animal who is treated by me at Spark of Life is

treated with respect and as an indiviual."


Lyn Cameron-Star 

Welcome to Spark of Life